Saturday,  November 26, 2022  4:34 am

43% of travel agents really want to go home-based

43% of travel agents really want to go home-based

Forty-three per cent of agents working in agencies, call centres or offices told the National Travel Agent Survey that they would consider going home-based in the future. 

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These agents were either on commission or on a salary plus commission basis.  

However, when asked what might be holding them back, they said concerns about a lack of clientele, start up fees, not knowing which host agency is best or not knowing of any host agencies.

79% now earning more

A staggering 79 per cent of home-based agents reported they were earning more money for working the same hours as before they became home-based, with 44.9 per cent reporting earning 31 per cent to 50 per cent more income and 19.6 per cent earning over 50 per cent more.

The survey also revealed some new facts about why agents became home-based agents.  

When asked why they became home-based, 60.5 per cent said eliminating their commute was the main reason while 56.8 per cent chose better work life balance.

90% report better work/life balance

The survey revealed that a very high percentage of agents who switched from a bricks and mortar or a store front to home based said they were happier and over 90 per cent said they had a better work/life balance.     

The third annual National Travel Agent Survey is an independent nationwide survey of close to 700 Canadian travel agents. 

This year, it was expanded to include non-hosted agents on commission and/or salary. The findings reveal many new insights into how agents feel about a number of topics.

The Travel Agent Next Door has access to the results of the survey and will be sharing it in its marketing and communications over the next few months.