Wednesday,  March 29, 2023  3:45 am

ACTA speaks out on latest airline surcharges

ACTA speaks out on latest airline surcharges

ACTA has responded to a recent temporary $20 surcharge that will be added to all packages and flights booked since June 21, 2018 on departures as of Aug. 1, 2018.

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In response to an inquiry by PAX, Sunwing said that the surcharge is attributable to the unfavourable exchange rate between U.S. and Canadian dollars.

Wendy Paradis, president and CEO, ACTA, said in a statement:

"ACTA strongly believes that only real taxes belong in the tax field and all other 'service fees and surcharges' are a cost of the product and belong in the base fare. This issue is not isolated to just one tour operator, but is a global issue, and ACTA has been pushing for change about this problem for some time."

What are the rules?

According to ACTA's website, in 2010, the Canadian government imposed advertising rules, which forced travel organizations, including travel agencies, tour operators and airlines to disclose the amounts of taxes and fees being charged.

For example, if you book an all-inclusive or packaged vacation, you will see the breakdown of costs, where the base airfare is seperate from the additional taxes and fees.

ACTA also states that the International Airline Transport Association (IATA) defines the carrier surcharge as a charge for airline use only. Therefore, this allows a carrier to define what they want to charge and file under that category.