Sunday,  June 4, 2023  10:43 pm

Air Canada opens up about Orbitz booking breach

Air Canada opens up about Orbitz booking breach

According to the Canadian Press, Air Canada has revealed that some hotel bookings made through its travel partner, Orbitz, could have been caught up in a personal data breach.

Personal data that coincided with 2,287 bookings made through Air Canada hotel options using Orbitz could potentially have been a target in a data breach that involved 800,000 records.

Orbitz reported the personal data breach on March 20, but did not reveal the demographics of breached data, and wouold not confirm as to whether any Canadians had been victimized in the security breach.

Air Canada is no longer using the Orbitz platform that was compromised, and has already reached out to any customers who would have used the booking platform back in 2016 to alert them to the possible breach in security.

According to Orbitz, the data that would have been exposed is the kind of data a client would make to complete a hotel booking/reservation online, including full name, payment card information, date of birth, phone number, email address, physical and/or billing address and gender.

Any individuals who used the Orbitz booking platform in conjunction with Air Canada back in 2016 will be notified by the airline.