Wednesday,  March 29, 2023  3:13 am

Caribbean shaken by Venezuela quake

Caribbean shaken by Venezuela quake
Photo credit: U.S. Geological Survey

A magnitude 7.3 earthquake in Venezuela reached into the eastern Caribbean, where it was felt most strongly in Trinidad & Tobago yesterday.

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According to reports, the quake, which struck near the northern coast of Venezuela, registered a 6.9 magnitude in Trinidad, where it lasted for 90 seconds, causing power outages and damage to some buildings throughout the destination.

No casualties so far

Tremors were also felt as far into the Caribbean as Saint Lucia and Barbados and while no damage was reported in those destinations, authorities in Grenada said that a landslide took place there. To the west, the quake was also felt as far as Bogota, Colombia.

No casualties have been reported as a result of the quake.

While the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued an early warning, the threat of a tsunami was later cancelled.