Friday,  March 24, 2023  9:12 am

Denali Park Road opening still on schedule for June

Denali Park Road opening still on schedule for June

The U.S. National Park Service (NPS) says that despite landslides which blocked Alaska’s Denali Park Road last year, there are still plans to open the route in time for the busy spring travel season.

The Associated Press reports that the NPS is still planning to proceed with opening the road by early June as normal, a 92-mile route that provides the only vehicle access into the sprawling 7,344 square mile park. Last summer, heavy rains resulted in numerous mudslides and landslides which blocked parts of the road; while private vehicles must stop at mile 15, the majority of the parks visitors (approximately 60 per cent) make use of commercial buses travelling further down the road.

The road also provides the main delivery route for supplies to businesses operating inside Denali.

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