Sunday,  June 4, 2023  11:18 pm

Eagles vs seagulls at Victoria’s Ogden Point port?

Eagles vs seagulls at Victoria’s Ogden Point port?

Victoria’s Ogden Point plans to enlist the help of a feathered friend in an effort to reduce the amount of seagull droppings at Canada’s busiest cruise ship port.

The Canadian Press reported this week that John Briant, general manager of Western Stevedoring (the company which manages Ogden Point), has taken a unique approach to reducing the number of gulls at the facility by installing a fake tree on top of the port’s warehouse in the hopes that bald eagles will nest there, creating a home for a natural enemy of the gulls.

In addition to the smell, the acidic gull guano corrodes the warehouse roof surface resulting in annual repair costs above and beyond the approximately $20,000-$30,000 I costs to clean up the droppings each year.