The five things you should never wear on a plane

The five things you should never wear on a plane

For some, flying can be a stressful experience. Between verifying that your luggage doesn't exceed the limit, to waiting in long lines at the boarding gate, to going through intense scrutiny at security, there's plenty to worry about. But if you wear the wrong outfit on the plane, flying can go from stressful to an absolute nightmare. Here are the five articles that you should never wear on a plane:

1: Contact Lenses

If you're a contact lens wearer, you're probably used to the occasional dry eyes and the familiar feeling of something caught on your lens. Ophthalmologists recommend wearing contact lenses no longer than eight hours a day, but many wearers keep them in longer. On the plane, you're exposed to extremely dry air and an intense change in air pressure. In fact, most people lose at least 1.5 litres of water when in the air! If you're clawing at your eyes and feel like your contact lenses are tightening on your eyes, they probably are. The drop in air pressure causes skin to dry out and our bodies to expand. The only time you might consider wearing contact lenses is on a two to three hour flight. Any long-haul flights, store them in your carry-on and wear your glasses instead.

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2: Perfume/Cologne

You might love the smell of your Chanel #5, or Old Spice, but your neighbour on the plane might have an allergy. Keep in mind that for the next few hours, you'll be travelling with hundreds of fellow passengers in a very enclosed, compact space. If everybody wore perfume, we'd all reach for those oxygen masks! You can bring your perfume or body spray in your carry-on and spritz it on once you land.


3: Tight Clothing

Spandex leggings, nylons, ribbed socks, skinny jeans...the list goes on. As air pressure constricts within the airplane cabin, many travellers experience swelling in their legs or feet. This is because when sitting for an extended period of time, blood and other bodily liquids gravitate there. Tight clothes can cut off circulation and restrict blood flow. In serious cases, fatal blood clots can form. It's best to travel in loose-fitting clothing, or practical shoes (not heels), in case you need to make a run for a connecting flight.


4: A Sneaky Bag

There's always that one passenger loading a suspiciously large "carry-on" that probably should have been checked with the other baggage. Unless you can quickly stow your bag in the overhead compartment, or tuck it under the seat, don't do it. Not only can it be irritating to fight for leg room with someone's bag under the seat, but when the time comes to exit the plane, you'll likely hold up other passengers due to the sheer size of it! Make sure your carry-on has only what you need, and that it meets the size requirements issued by the airline carrier.


5: Offensive Clothing

Aviation fashion has changed significantly over the years, and while you no longer have to wear your Sunday best, you should still be mindful of your fashion choices while flying. Wearing clothing with innapropriate comments, or obvious political statements isn't recommended. Neither are flip-flops, bathing suits, or pajamas. You owe it to your fellow passengers who will be sitting in close proximity. Not to mention, it's up to the discretion of the crew to let you board based on what you're wearing. If you're intent on wearing a particular piece of clothing that could be deemed questionable, remember that you can always change into it at the airport once you reach your destination.