Monday,  October 2, 2023  6:09 am

Measles concerns raised in Calgary tied to UK flight

Measles concerns raised in Calgary tied to UK flight

Passengers on a Calgary-bound British Airways flight from London, as well as the customers and staff of a Real Canadian Superstore in the city, are being warned by Alberta Health Services that they may have been exposed to measles.

The Canadian Press reports that Alberta Health Services has learned of a confirmed case of the disease in an unimmunized girl who has a history of travel to India. Dr. Judy MacDonald, medical officer of health for the department's Calgary zone, was quoted in the report as stating that it’s currently unknown whether the child was exposed during travel from India back to Calgary aboard British Airways Flight 103 on Jan. 9 or 10.

The girl's parents have indicated the Real Canadian Superstore at 10505 Southport Road S.W. was the only public location the girl was in while infectious, the report stated.

The doctor says the girl would not have been infectious on the plane, but she may have contracted the disease on the aircraft.

AHS says anyone who may have been exposed to measles is advised to monitor themselves for symptoms. Calgary’s last confirmed case of measles occurred in April 2017.