Monday,  October 2, 2023  8:05 am

Morgan departs TPI

Morgan departs TPI
Tim Morgan

After almost 13 years with TPI, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing Tim Morgan has elected to move on, to start his own new venture to allow him to work independently of TPI.

His last day with TPI was Feb. 28, 2018.

"This was a difficult decision but ultimately I believe the time is right for TPI and for me," Morgan said. "I'm grateful for all of our advisors, our head office team, our partners, and Morris (Chia, TPI founder and president), for being so passionate and committed to the vision of TPI.

"When I started at TPI in 2005," he continued, "I was only supposed to be here on a one-year contract but fast-forwarding to 2018, it is impossible to look back and feel that I was meant to be anywhere else. These 13 years at TPI have been more than worthwhile because of all of you and I'm excited for what the future hold for TPI.”

“I wish to thank Tim for his contribution to the company over the last 13 years", stated Morris Chia, founder and president, TPI. “I want to take this opportunity to wish him the very best in the next phase of his professional career."

Morgan held various positions at TPI over the 13 years, from when he started as interim Marketing Manager to his most recent position as Vice President Sales & Marketing.

"TPI will continue to move forward and achieve our goals under the leadership of our recently appointed CEO, Zeina Gideon," TPI told PAX in a statement.

"Throughout 2018 and beyond, we will further develop our advisor and partner relationships ensuring we have a focus that allows us to mutually grow revenues and achieve success together."