Wednesday,  March 29, 2023  3:55 am

New insurance option for seniors & snowbirds

New insurance option for seniors & snowbirds

Snowbird Advisor has launched a new travel insurance service designed to meet the specific needs of Canadian snowbirds, boomers and seniors.

The right coverage at the right price

Snowbird Advisor Insurance brings together a unique combination of travel insurance products, features and benefits to help snowbirds get the right coverage at the right price.

“The feedback we received from Snowbird Advisor members made it clear that many of their travel insurance needs weren’t being met” says Stephen Fine, president of Snowbird Advisor and Snowbird Advisor Insurance. “We listened to that feedback and created a travel insurance brokerage to meet those needs."

He added:

“At Snowbird Advisor, our mission has always been to educate our members about topics and issues related to the snowbird lifestyle. We plan on bringing that same approach to Snowbird Advisor Insurance by pulling back the curtain and educating our audience about how travel insurance works so they can make smart coverage choices.”

Unique Snowbird benefits

The following benefits are offered by Snowbird Advisor Insurance:

  • Personalized Travel Medical Plans: Cutting-edge personalized travel medical plans featuring unique benefits such as no stability period requirement for pre-existing conditions.
  • Snowbird Experts: Insurance agents who understand the unique needs and travel habits of snowbirds, enabling them to help clients compare and combine travel insurance options to find the right coverage at the right price to meet their personal requirements.
  • 5% Member Discount: Snowbird Advisor members receive an exclusive five per cent discount, helping them save even more on already competitively priced travel medical insurance plans.
  • Education: a travel insurance learning centre, launching later this year, will provide snowbird and senior travellers with transparent travel insurance tips and information to help them make smart coverage choices and avoid pitfalls, regardless of where they purchase their travel insurance.

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