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PAX Global Media: the start of a new beginning

PAX Global Media: the start of a new beginning
Uguette Chiasson

Uguette Chiasson is the founder and CEO of PAX Global Media, a multi-platform publishing house specialized in the Canadian travel trade. She's been an integral part of the industry for 30 years.

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created; everything is transformed.”

The wise words of scientist Antoine Lavoisier relate in more ways than one to the company I started 26 years ago. We have spent nearly three decades analyzing issues, forecasting trends, meeting the architects of change, and inspiring through storytelling; in short, serving as an integral part of the Canadian travel industry.

While our formula itself will remain mostly the same, we will continue to fulfill our role in the future under a new identity. Yesterday marked the end of LogiMonde media and the beginning of an even bigger project, with limitless ambitions: we are now PAX Global Media.

What's in a name?

A company’s name is more than just its identity; it symbolizes both the essence of its personality and its mission. Clients and travel industry suppliers alike – our readers – are attached to a brand, and by extension to its name. Changing it is a challenge internally as well as externally.

LogiMonde media is a name I chose 26 years ago, one that reflected the Quebec market rather than the Canadian one. It’s a name that related to my product (essentially “world software”) because, at the time, I was operating a large database of subscribers through fax, and later email. This identity is no longer representative of the current industry and the existing market.

This year, we will take an important international position. Our new name befits our desire to establish the company in all directions and to address a wider market: PAX Global Media is the logical next step.

 Using “PAX” in our new identity reflects how the acronym has become our unofficial trademark in the industry, much more so than LogiMonde, over the past three years.

As a result of our new identity, PAX affiliate products have also changed dramatically. The two PAX print magazines and their web counterparts, PAX News, PAX Nouvelles and PAX News West now form a unified division named We have also renamed our ancillary services to affiliate them more closely with PAX:,,,,, and

Our products

    • PAX Nouvelles
    • PAX News
    • PAX News West
    • PAX magazine français
    • PAX magazine anglais

In addition, PAX Global Media now offers a user-friendly customer portal that allows users to upload their own brochures, as well as publish FAMs and upcoming events.

Most appealing, the new website incorporates movement through the use of advertising and sliding banners, allowing our advertisers to quickly attract the attention of customers and readers who browse news sites. More space has been given to the images, too.

Looking forward 

With many great projects underway and positive intent behind our actions, we begin this fall of 2018, now the cornerstone of the development of my company.

I am very proud to be at the helm of the bilingual media dedicated to the most widely read travel trade news in the country and I cannot wait to share more news with you, our suppliers, customers, readers and friends.

See you soon!

Uguette Chiasson, President and CEO, PAX Global Media