Thursday,  August 22, 2019  12:33 pm

PAX Travel Jobs newsletter is out now!

PAX Travel Jobs newsletter is out now!

PAX Global Media is proud to announce the launch of a new monthly newsletter for human resources managers and job seekers in Canada’s travel industry.

The PAX Travel Jobs (or simply, “PTJ”) newsletter is your ultimate source for advice and insight relevant to today’s travel job market

Written by human resources experts, this new service is an indispensable resource for both HR managers and job seekers.

Staying ‘in the loop’ on today’s hiring trends has never been easier.


Our newsletter will be distributed on the first Monday of each month.

PAX Travel Jobs is the latest and most modern online bilingual job platform in Canada’s travel industry.  Simple, efficient, and technologically advanced, this innovative platform offers a direct link between employer and employee.

The perfect employee, or perfect job, is just a few clicks away.

Employers, please take note:

  • To submit job postings, please visit
  • To build your company’s brand to attract the best candidates, book your recruitment banner advertisement in PAXTravelJobs website and/or monthly newsletter today by contacting Nancy Benetton-Sampath today at or by phone at 416.581.1001, ext. 304.

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