Tuesday,  November 28, 2023  1:42 pm

PAXnewsWest.com, the new HelloWestTravel.com

PAXnewsWest.com, the new HelloWestTravel.com

It's finally here! This is an exciting day for the Logimonde team and our faithful readers, as we launch the new PAXnewsWest.com, an event we've been anxiously anticipating for some time now. This is the new, improved and reimagined HelloWestTravel.com. More than a simple update, the platform is more intuitive with more options for our guests, while maintaining the most up-to-date daily news and various informative sections.

New name, same mission

2014 has been a wild year for Logimonde Media! In addition to the launch of our two PAX print magazines (French and English), we undertook the task of completely overhauling our digital platforms. The project has taken longer than expected, a hefty job considering it included the creation of not just one, but three websites, replacing the Western Canadian edition of HelloWestTravel.com, the national platform of TRAVELHotNews.com, and the French version, ExpressVoyage.ca. The latter two are being reintroduced today as well as PAXnews.com and PAXnouvelles.com respectively.

Whether online or on paper, Logimonde Media wanted to unify its brands under one banner across the country. In doing so, we are strengthening our position as a leading media resource for the travel industry.

Our 3 new e-PAX logos

Good-bye HelloWestTravel.com, hello PAXnewsWest.com

Changing the name of HelloWestTravel.com has been no small feat - it was a calculated risk as we recognize people's affinity for the former platform and a natural apprehension towards change. But despite a new look and new name, the mission of this platform remains the same as it has been since our launch in 2008: to keep travel professionals informed on all the what's what and who's who of the industry.

Whether through the daily news updates, the event calendar or brochure section, the Logimonde web platforms have become a one-stop source for the entire travel community. The last update took place in 2010, all leading to today with the introduction of PAXnewsWest.com...and we believe it to be a worthy successor!

The modern, sleek and intuitive design means visitors can easily navigate through the various pages that they've come to rely on over the years, as an unmatched wealth of information for the entire travel industry.

Enhanced features mean the platforms are also in responsive format, so you can easily access our pages from your iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices.

In addition, PAXnewsWest.com will be supported by an increased social media presence, specifically on Twitter and Facebook. Follow along to directly interact with our team, or for sneak peeks at event photos and news.

All connections at www.hellowesttravel.com will return automatically to our new www.paxnewswest.com portal.

We hope you enjoy browsing and please leave us your comments.