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People notice when you do things right

People notice when you do things right
Christine Hogg

Christine Hogg is the Associate Digital Editor at PAX Global Media. Prior to joining PAX, she obtained her Honours BA in Journalism from the University of Toronto. Upon graduating, she went on to write for several travel publications while travelling the world. Her longest trip was a three-week stint in Europe, and the shortest was a 16-hour adventure in Iceland. Get in touch:

When you do things right, people notice.

Everybody likes to be recognized and winning a professional award is validation that you --or your organization-- have been recognized for your success, or your products and services.

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Awards come in many forms

While some awards are based on results, such as top sales or highest earnings— others are for innovation, achieving excellence, helping others, investing in education and training, and being a visionary.

Perhaps the most rewarding are those awards that are voted on by your peers because this can be the highest compliment, and also because these awards mean the most, not just to you, but to others who are watching.

Of course, it is important to understand the voting process behind some of these awards, because some are manipulated by companies getting their employees to vote for them. In these cases, the largest company can dominate. But not all awards work that way.

Why agents should pay attention

In most cases, taking notice of companies that win awards is worthwhile because it tells you something about how they are run, how they do business and the products and services that they offer.

Whether you are choosing a supplier, a consortium, a host agency, or an employer, it can be one of the measures that you can consider.

This is especially true for companies that have won multiple awards. If you are winning multiple awards, you must be doing something right!

The other measure you want to pay attention to is the criteria for the award because this will give you a clear picture of why the company, or person, won the award.

Only part of the picture

Often awards are parked on the boardroom wall or in a glass case in the office lobby. It is the daily dedication and energy that individuals invest in their work and in a company that makes the difference.

Your own experience of that person or that company, is what you will, and should be guided by.

In a perfect world, the two will match up – the really good companies and really good individuals will be the ones winning the awards. But you will be the judge. When you do things right, people really do notice!