Thursday,  January 26, 2023  11:39 pm

Report reveals 2018 travel predictions

Report reveals 2018 travel predictions

Tech trends, bucket lists and travel inspired by pop culture are among the eight travel predictions for 2018 by

The report was based on more than 128 million real guest reviews with research from 19,000 travellers across 26 countries around the world.

The predictions include:

  • Almost a third (29 per cent) of travellers say they are comfortable letting a computer plan an upcoming trip based on data from their previous travel history and half (50%) don't mind if they deal with a real person or computer, so long as any questions are answered.

  • 2018 is the year to dream big as 45 per cent of travellers have a travel bucket list and the majority (82 per cent) will aim to tick one or more destinations off their list next year.

  • In 2018, television shows, films, sport and social media in particular look set to have an increasingly significant sway over booking decisions, as travellers turn to pop culture for their travel inspiration as 36 per cent will look to screen locations from television, film or music videos for inspiration.

  • As well as new experiences, travellers will be revisiting their favourite childhood memories as part of their trips in 2018. Blending the future with the past, next year’s travellers will be inspired to return to previously loved destinations and explore them in a whole new way. A third of travellers (34 per cent) will consider a holiday they experienced as a child for 2018.

  • The trend for wellness getaways isn’t slowing down for 2018, with almost double the amount of people planning to take health and wellbeing trips in 2018 compared to 2017 (from one in 10 in 2017 to nearly one in five in 2018).

  • Forty-seven per cent of travellers will take currency exchange rates into consideration when planning their travels for the year, and almost the same amount (48 per cent) will think about the economic climate of a destination before making the decision to travel.

  • When asked who their 2018 travelling companions were likely to be, the segment with the biggest increase when compared to 2017, was travelling with a group of friends, increasing from 21 per cent to 25 per cent.

  • One in three travellers (33 per cent) say they’d prefer to stay in a holiday rental (a holiday home or apartment) over a hotel and one in five (21 per cent) would consider listing their home on a travel accommodation site.

The list can be found here.