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SkyLink holds Diwali function for Vancouver agents

SkyLink holds Diwali function for Vancouver agents
Janet Alkobi, general manager, SkyLink, left, Yuvraj Datta, chief commercial offiicer, Mondee.
Janice Strong

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SkyLink hosted 85 Vancouver area travel agents at the Sapphire Bistro in Surrey on Nov. 2 to kick off the celebrations for Diwali, the festival of lights celebrated throughout the South Asian community.

“We’re going to share the bread and kick off the festivities,” said Yuvraj Datta, chief commercial officer for Mondee, SkyLink’s parent company. “It is a good time for me to personally come and meet everybody, [to] just relax a bit and convey our thanks to them. And more importantly meet them and hear them, if they have any feedback.”

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Believing in Unicorns

SkyLink has just launched TripPro Unicorn, it’s cloud-based travel agency platform, in the Canadian market.

Unicorn features an air search function that offers up to six months of pricing at a glance so agents can work with their clients to find the best options based on travel dates and pricing.

The fraud protection feature allows agents to verify client’s credit cards right at the time of purchase. The system checks multiple parameters to confirm the person is the owner of the card.

The app feature lets users customize the system to include their most frequently used systems, and new marketing options include templates for social media promotions that can be customized with an agent’s contact information and client database.

“It is not just a booking platform, we have a lot of tools inside it that makes life easy for the travel agents,” noted Janet Alkobi, general manager for SkyLink. “It’s a one-stop shop: you can order your ticket, you can issue your ticket in a minute.”