Saturday,  March 25, 2023  11:02 pm

SkyLink launches TripPro Unicorn in Vancouver

SkyLink launches TripPro Unicorn in Vancouver
The SkyLink team from left: Bobby Bhaskar, Manager Reservations; Yuvraj Datta, Chief Commercial Officer, Mondee; Helen Chin, Sales Executive Western Canada; Janet Alkobi, General Manager, SkyLink Canada, Ravi Mehmi, Sales Manager; Sudarshan Jagannathan, Director, Sales and Adoption, TripPro.

SkyLink and its airline partners welcomed over 100 travel agents to the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown last night to introduce the newest developments to TripPro Unicorn, the latest version of its innovative air travel booking system that consolidates content from several GDS systems.

“It helps the agent do everything,” says Janet Alkobi, General Manager for SkyLink in Canada. “You don’t have spend time calling, you don’t even have to email. We developed this tool, in which you can do everything. You can book your PNR, you have access to the prices, it gives you a calendar for six months.”

“Our whole focus is how to empower the travel agent community to be the influencer with their customer base,” noted Yuvraj Datta, Chief Commercial Officer for SkyLink’s parent company Mondee. “Because, in today’s world, the most important thing the customer looks for is an endorsement by a human being. Whether they shop online or in the stores, what they need to know is how good that product is, how the service was. That is very, very valuable.”

Unicorn features an air search function that offers up to six months of pricing at a glance so agents can work with their clients to find the best options based on travel dates and pricing. It also sorts the pricing by a colour coded system ranging from green – the best price – to orange which is the highest fare.

New marketing options include templates for social media promotions that can be customized with an agent’s contact information and client database. The templates can be adapted for email campaigns as well.

“We have such amazing talent sitting in offices across Canada and we can help them engage with the right customer and experience,” said Datta. “And they can do this with just a click of the button.”

The fraud protection feature allows agents to verify client’s credit cards right at the time of purchase. The system checks multiple parameters to confirm the person is the owner of the card.

The app feature lets users customize the system to include their most frequently used systems.

The are several levels of TripPro available to agents and agencies, with the most basic level free. “The next levels are affordable,” noted Datta. “You do two, three transactions you are good for it.”

SkyLink and its affiliated companies in the Mondee group earn more than $2 billion in gross revenues from a customer base that includes 85 per cent of the world’s online travel agencies and travel management companies.