Monday,  October 2, 2023  8:34 am

The sun shines at SeaWorld's Aquatica park

The sun shines at SeaWorld's Aquatica park

SeaWorld San Diego will construct an elevated solar panel project for its Aquatica waterpark in Chula Vista, to be operational by the start of the park’s 2018 season.

The project, in partnership with Onyx Renewable Partners L.P., will include approximately 3,780 solar panels, generating 80 per cent to 90 per cent of the park’s annual energy use and lowering utility costs. SeaWorld expects to reduce emissions by more than 10,000 metric tons over the life of the system, approximately 20 years.

The elevated solar panels will also provide more than 400 shaded parking spots for both guests and employees.

The company also plans to invest $2 to $3 million in energy efficiency projects at selected parks, primarily in lighting, air conditioning and automation systems.

The company eliminated the use of plastic gift bags at all of its parks beginning in 2011, and the use of LED lighting retrofits and installation of variable frequency drives has resulted in a four per cent total reduced energy use across all parks.