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Survey racks up flying expectations and trends in 10 key markets

Survey racks up flying expectations and trends in 10 key markets

Turkish Airlines has released the results of their Global Aviation Trends 2017 survey, which reveals the latest trends in passenger preferences across 10 key markets around the world.

The following key findings were present.

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The future of air travel

More comfortable seating as well as free and fast internet access are passengers’ most important expectations, as the survey further shows. Scores of both increased significantly compared to previous period. Sleeping compartments come third on the wish list for future aviation.

Commenting on the results, M. Ilker Ayci, Turkish Airlines chairman of the board and the executive committee, stated:

“We strive to provide our passengers with the best travel experience and hospitality to make their journeys memorable. For this reason, we are monitoring the latest trends and innovations in the civil aviation industry very closely. The results of the Global Aviation Trends 2017 survey show once again that with our services we are a global leader in civil aviation.”

Direct flights vs. stopovers

When no direct flights are available for an intercontinental journey, a surprisingly large proportion of passengers (36 per cent) would prefer to depart from the airport nearest to them and transfer at a foreign airport instead of taking a domestic flight, train, bus or car to a larger domestic airport from where non-stop flights are available (42 per cent).

Most airline passengers (69 per cent) prefer all–inclusive prices rather than a cheaper base price, especially in South Africa, Sweden, and India and increasingly so in Japan and the US.

Convenience is the main reason (72 per cent) for preferring the all-inclusive price option, above all in India (91 per cent), China (78 per cent), and South Africa (78 per cent).

In-flight expectations

During flight, the cleanliness of the cabin and lavatories (96 per cent) is the top expectation in all countries. Friendly, attentive and accessible staff (94 per cent) and the quality of food and beverages (94 per cent) come after cabin cleanliness.

Regarding passengers’ expectations on board, the opportunity to drink water is the most prevalent (90 per cent). The presence of healthy food is also important (83 per cent). Both expectations are higher in the UAE and India.

After the flight, an uncomplicated delivery service for lost luggage (92 per cent) is passengers’ highest expectation, especially in South Africa (96%), China (95%) and the UAE (94 per cent). What passengers appreciate the most about their previous flights are the aircraft cabin’s hygiene or cleanness (91 per cent) as well as the behaviors and attitudes of the cabin crew (91 per cent). This is followed by the sufficiency of light in the cabin (91 per cent), the catering quality (75 per cent) and the comfort of the seats (72 per cent).