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When life events interrupt the senior traveller lifestyle

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  •   11-20-2019  1:12 pm
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When life events interrupt the senior traveller lifestyle

Senior clients are among the most knowledgeable when it comes to the importance of having travel insurance for every trip they take. 

When discussing their coverage needs, medical benefits are often of most interest, which makes this an obvious place to focus the conversation. However, it’s also worthwhile pointing out other aspects of travel coverage that can help protect their lifestyle.

For example, clients who drive south by car might keep their pets with them while they’re away. If an emergency were to happen during their trip and it was medically necessary for your clients to be transported back to Canada, benefits such as vehicle return and pet return could provide additional relief during an already stressful time.

The birth of a grandchild back in Canada is an occasion older travellers wouldn’t want to miss. In this and similar situations, they would be able to return home under the Trip Break benefit for a short visit to celebrate the event. While in Canada, travellers would be once again covered by their government healthcare plan if they needed medical treatment. When they resumed their trip, their travel insurance policy would resume.

A trend among older travellers is to go on trips with their kids and grandkids (or have family come to visit them at their winter destination), which they might do in addition to wintering in a warmer destination. Travel insurance can offer flexible, budget-friendly protection that would cover them both during their winter getaway and any other trips they might make during the policy year.

Senior travellers put a high value on their lifestyle. Travel insurance can help protect it. Help your clients get the most from both with travel protection before their next trip.

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