Sunday,  August 7, 2022  3:09 pm

Mathieu Robert named new commercial director at Celebrity Cruises

Mathieu Robert named new commercial director at Celebrity Cruises
Karine Rochdi

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Mathieu Robert, who worked as a cruise director and group coordinator at Voyages Gendron, will take up the position of commercial director at Celebrity Cruises starting September 24 for the Montreal region, Ottawa, Gatineau, Quebec; and the Ottawa Valley.

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What made him join the cruise line?

Speaking over the phone to PAX exclusively, Robert commented:

"I had the opportunity to do several cruises aboard their ships and it was with Celebrity that I travelled most often," he explains enthusiastically. "It is a product that joins me: their value-for-money and their advantages are the most interesting. Just think about Go Big, Go Better, Go Best. They are also classier ships in terms of decor and cuisine."

There will be no shortage of challenges for the hotel management graduate who has been working full-time in the field for seven years.

"One of my challenges is to go from competitor to partner, because indeed, my former competitors will now become my clients," he shared.

The launch of new vessels is one of the incentives that convinced him to move forward.

"There are a lot of exciting things coming up in the coming months: the Celebrity Edge coming in the fall, the Celebrity Flora in May 2019, the Celebrity Apex in the spring of 2020 and other launches in 2021 and 2022," Robert said. "Humbly, I have good experience in the industry and it will allow me to bring good ideas and a more technical side."