Wednesday,  August 10, 2022  1:03 pm

Monday Minute: LaurieLee Rosser, TierOne Travel

Monday Minute: LaurieLee Rosser, TierOne Travel

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Name: LaurieLee Rosser

Company: TierOne Travel

Location (where you live): Calgary, AB 

How long have you been a travel agent?: I started in the industry in 1978; I am now an independent consultant with TierOne Travel.

Speciality: Leisure travel: romance travel and destination weddings, plus luxury tour products including river and ocean cruises.

What do you love most about being a travel agent? I get to make my valued clients dreams become a reality (and live vicariously through them, of course!) I am always very grateful for the many referrals I receive from my clients. I have been able to establish loyal partnerships with incredible & reputable suppliers in the industry. And let’s face it, I love to travel and meet new people and experience new places; there is a big world out there to explore.

What's one travel trend you've noticed in consumers as of late?: Guests are looking to be treated well and given an experience that will exceed their expectations and there is a tendency to look at product and destinations further out rather than the last-minute deal.

What's your proudest sales achievement to date?: I think surviving in an industry with so much change has been not only challenging but interesting. Looking back, I am not sure how we survived hand-writing conjunction tickets and airline tariffs and reporting to the airlines individually each week. I am proud to sit behind a desk in front of a computer and make magic happen.

What's your number one piece of advice for other travel agents?: Don’t sell from your own pocketbook – ask questions of your valued clients to see what, where and why they want to experience the world. Most importantly, listen to what they say, know when to share your experiences with them and never forget to offer insurance. Document your files well.

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