Monday,  October 2, 2023  8:20 am

Monday Minute: Veronica Alward, All About Travel

Monday Minute: Veronica Alward, All About Travel
Veronica Alward

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Name: Veronica Alward

Company: All About Travel, in association with TierOne Travel Edmonton

Location: Interlake, Manitoba

How long have you been a travel agent?: 18 years

Speciality: North and South America, Caribbean/Mexico, escorted tours, all-inclusive vacation packages and cruise. 

What do you love most about being a travel agent?:

It's the greatest job in the world! I love my work and know the job is not just nine-to-five. Customer service is of the utmost of importance to me; individual customers are valued and always my highest priority. They know I will work with them from planning the vacation through to their return home, rested and happy for the experience. Their happiness is contagious and I enjoy travelling vicariously through their adventures. Not only do I feel accomplished for having contributed to a successful holiday, but I also receive the appreciation of a satisfied customer.

What's one travel trend you've noticed in consumers as of late?: More people wanting to cruise or have all inclusive packages, including tours and attractions, so that it’s less worry for them.

What's your number one piece of advice for other travel agents?: Always be available. My availability brings me repeat customers and it’s a gratifying feeling knowing I could help at 3 a.m. when they’re having a family emergency.

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