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WestJet's former Manitoba BDM Matthew Djorsev returns

WestJet's former Manitoba BDM Matthew Djorsev returns
Michael Pihach

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Nearly four months after accepting a job at CAA Club Group (CCG), Matthew Djorsev is back at WestJet, PAX has learned.

As of today (May 6th), Djorsev returns to his role as business development manager for Ontario East and Manitoba.

“The opportunity presented itself to go back, and I jumped on it,” Djorsev told PAX in an exclusive interview over the phone this morning. “WestJet is going through a lot of growth, which is exciting.”

Exciting times ahead

Citing WestJet’s tagline “Love Where You’re Going” as inspiration,  Djorsev pointed to the airline’s entry into the global market after it received delivery of its first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner (which includes WestJet’s first-ever business class cabins).

It's the first of three Dreamliners WestJet will receive from Boeing this year. Three more will be delivered in 2020, and then four more in 2021, totalling ten.

The 320-seat aircraft starting flying domestically from Calgary to Toronto in February and then, on April 28th, began a direct service from Calgary to London (Gatwick). More routes to Europe are right around the corner, notably Calgary-Paris (May 17th) and Calgary-Dublin (June 1st).

“There’s a lot of exciting times ahead that I want to be a part of,” Djorsev told PAX.

On a more personal level, Djorsev said he missed all the relationships he formed with the travel trade community while working at WestJet over the years.

“I missed the interaction of being on the front line,” he said. “Being the point person for WestJet and WestJet Vacations.”

Djorsev holds a bachelor’s degree from Ryerson University in hospitality and tourism with a minor in sales and marketing. He has worked at WestJet for ten years.

He said he is “excited to present, promote and work with a brand that I love.”

“My goal is to get back into the market” Djorsev told PAX. “WestJet has gone through huge growth over the past year. I want to make sure travel agents are informed of everything that’s going on and I want them to know that I’m here as their point person.”

“I’m going back to my family,” he said.

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