Tuesday,  November 28, 2023  3:19 pm

ACV's Future Travel Credits no longer have expiration date

ACV's Future Travel Credits no longer have expiration date
Pax Global Media

Air Canada Vacations' future travel credits issued for cancelled vacations due to COVID-19 will no longer have an expiry date. 

This change is in addition to the flexible changes that were previously announced in April including the possibility to transfer the credit to another person, and the ability to keep the residual value of the credit resulting from a fare difference.

No expiry date

Customers with cancelled Air Canada Vacations bookings scheduled to depart between March 4th and July 31, 2020, inclusively, will automatically receive a future travel credit with no expiry date.

These revised credits will be sent to travel agents directly by email. 

“With the rapid changes we’ve seen over the last few months, it is abundantly clear that we must provide our travel partners and our mutual customers with more flexibility. This is why we’ve introduced future travel credits with no expiry date, ultimately giving customers greater peace of mind when they begin to think about their next travel plans,” said Nino Montagnese, managing director at Air Canada Vacations.

For more details on the other flexible features of the future travel credits visit the Air Canada Vacations website.

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