Saturday,  December 3, 2022  12:33 am

Air Canada Vacations curates customer-focused travel in Calgary

Air Canada Vacations curates customer-focused travel in Calgary

“Making your dreams travel, one trip at a time.”

The new tag line for Air Canada Vacations embodies the new direction and brand of the company. The ACV DreamMakers Canada Tour continues, making a stop in Calgary last night to showcase the launch of their new 2018/2019 Sun Collection and a whole new brand.

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Winter Sun brochure

“We're here tonight to launch the winter sun brochure but really I want to highlight what we've been doing in the background for the last eight months with our three core objectives,” said Nino Montagnese, managing director of Air Canada Vacations announced to a crowd of more than 200 travel agents.

ACV YYC4.jpegNino Montagnese, managing director of Air Canada Vacations

Digital transformation

A new customer-centric website will be launching in January 2019 for both B2C and B2B with increased functionality and seamless merchandising and packaging options to make bookings easier for travel agents and consumers.

Product diversification

More destinations and products are now offered in addition to the popular sun destinations, including Europe, Canada, all of North America and Asia. Packaged vacation options are available for any city that Air Canada flies to, and provide choice and flexibility for customers so that they may design the trip they want.


Project Excellence

the changing of new company culture at Air Canada where the focus is customer-centred, beginning with Disney Institute training for all staff to ensure that the customer service level is consistent across the company.

“Project Excellence is the beginning of a new culture at Air Canada Vacations," Montagnese said.

The change in branding is consistent wth the launch of the three core objectives. Air Canada Vacations is aiming to curate travel experiences for everyone with more choice and convenience because everyone has a different dream for their travel.


More options and increased flexibility
  • Newly launched Ultimate Escapes Collection – geared for the ultra luxury, unique, and high end experience for those customers looking for an enhanced and elevated experience.

  • The Go Canada program offers a variety of vacation and destination options including golf, ski, guided tours, wildlife tours, and opportunities to explore Canada.

  • The new CareFlex program for $49 /person provides flexibility for the customer to change or cancel up to 3 days up to departure for full refund.

  • The CareFree program offers seat selection, year round price drop guarantee, storm guard, $50 change fee waived.

  • New Spotlight Collection adds extra value to customer experiences such as unlimited a la carte dining, preferred location at the resort, spa discounts, private transfers, free wifi, and preferred beach areas.

New cruise promise feature – now offering the ability to cancel the flight portion up to 30 days before departure with the lowest airfare guarantee. If a lower price for airfare is found, Air Canada will pay for the entire cost of the flight for all passengers on the booking. The flexible cruise promise features no deposit required when booking cruise and flight together, are 100 per centrefundable and name changes are permitted up to 30 days before travel.