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Diving into summer with Scuba 2000

Diving into summer with Scuba 2000
Christine Hogg

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Exploring the world from above is easy.

But doing it underwater is a whole different story.

For just over 20 years, Toronto-based dive company Scuba 2000 has been leading amateur divers beneath the water’s edge all over the world.

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With pool classrooms on site, people can choose to start their journey as a diver right here in the city or take their chances in some of the world’s best dive destinations. Regardless of choice, from the minute a new diver’s flippers break through the water, the company aims to have all beginners certified once classes are complete.

Who is Scuba 2000?

Scuba 2000 is a recognized PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre, and they’re also a TICO-certified travel agency, which means they’ll work with travel agents who are looking to book diving excursions for their clients.

PAX chatted with Arif Jindani, president, Scuba2000, alongside Guy Pelland, general manager, and Wil Perre, dive instructor, to learn more about the products available to Canadian travellers.

“Scuba2000 is the only dive centre in Ontario with its own indoor pool, and about 15 years ago, the company started a concept to complete dive courses over the weekend, which was unheard of back then,” Pelland explained. “It took off, and over the years, it’s a proven safe way of doing things [certified diving], and now, we carry most of the major competitive dive brands and products.”

According to Perre, back in the day, many companies had their flagship scuba shop that sold equipment, but diving lessons and instruction took place during off-hours or hard-to-reach locations, as it really depended on locating and renting out an available pool.

Untitled-1.jpgDiving with sharks in Roatan, Belize. Photo: Scuba2000

“When we came up with the idea of having a pool indoors as part of the facility, people thought it didn’t make sense, but we felt that by making the investment, our clients would succeed in their accomplishments, and that’s exactly what happened," Perre said. "Now, our Scuba Learning Program allows participants to do the classroom, theory, and full-immersion all at the same time, and this positioned us as a leader in Canada.”

Over the course of two decades, Scuba 2000 has revised its courses from 12 weeks to six weeks, and now, divers can become certified in a matter of two days over the course of the weekend, so long as they complete the hours.

Scuba 2000’s freshwater pool is 10-feet deep, and the facility has recently completed renovations to the pool and its changerooms.

How do travel agents get involved?

Scuba 2000 is also a member of The Travel Agent Next Door, meaning that agents who are a part of the agency can access the products and current offers available from Scuba2000.

According to Jindanhi, there’s a lot of potential for Canadian travel agents to get involved.

“Scuba 2000 has an untapped market with Canadian travel agents and wholesalers because we have yet to show them the possibility of simply recommending dive training before people go on trips,” Jindani explained. “In addition, by recommending Scuba 2000 they are sending their clients the most state of the art, premier dive facility in Canada."

For agents represented by The Travel Agent Next Door, Scuba 2000 currently offers $248 commission for every diver who joins a trip, and their open water certification. Additionally, TTAND agents can get open-water courses and other specialty courses at 50 per cent off.


Agents not affiliated with TTAND can enjoy $25 for every person they sign up for a Scuba 2000 course.

Scuba 2000 prides itself as an all-inclusive dive company, meaning the all-inclusive resort, flights, and diving are taken care of on a dive trip.

Trips range from $2,000 to $12,000, and often include an excursion like shark diving or exploring a shipwreck. Small variables like an exit tax from the airport are among the only additional costs a traveller would need to budget for.

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