Friday,  August 7, 2020  5:33 pm

A 'First Look' at Trafalgar's 2019 Europe & Britain trips

A 'First Look' at Trafalgar's 2019 Europe & Britain trips

Trafalgar continues to put #AgentsFirst, as it unveils its exclusive new concept, ‘First Look.’

After a sell-out past two seasons, this agent-focused initiative enables loyal industry partners to offer their clients an exclusive ‘First Look’ to book. There's also additional **savings of 10% CAD*** on 2019 Europe & Britain guided holidays.

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Best pricing guaranteed

With this first access to the trips clients want and for when they want to travel, Trafalgar guarantees that guests will not pay more if the prices of trips increase (and that guests will be reimbursed if the trip cost decreases) when they secure their spot for summer 2019.

“With first access to the trips Canadian clients want, right now is simply the best time for clients to book ahead and ensure they secure their preferred spot for summer 2019 with our best price guarantee,” says Wolf Paunic, president of Trafalgar and CostSaver Canada. “Trafalgar’s 2019 ‘First Look’ program offers clients the chance to live ‘The Good Life’ and connect to the real Europe and Britain in 2019.”

Check out Trafalgar’s full list of ‘First Look’ 2019 Europe & Britain trips here.