Wednesday,  May 22, 2019  1:09 pm

Intrepid Travel hires a new director for North America

Intrepid Travel hires a new director for North America

Intrepid Travel has announced a new director of North America, Darshika Jones, to oversee its fastest-growing region, with the bottom line equally focused on both purpose and profit.

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Focusing on purpose-based initiatives

Effective immediately, Jones will head the North American region with a company-wide approach to develop Intrepid Group’s business with socially-conscious and ethical travel experiences at its core. She replaces former North American director, Leigh Barnes, who moved into the newly-created role of chief purpose offficer in July 2018 to focus on developing Intrepid Group’s purpose-based initiatives.

“As Intrepid Group’s former group finance director, Darshika has extensive knowledge of our business and our values, said Michael Edwards, who was appointed chief growth officer of Intrepid Group in 2017. "Before working for Intrepid, she was loyal customer, taking more than 10 trips including hiking Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu and exploring Bolivia. With her customer-first approach and passion for culturally-immersive travel, we’re confident in her abilities to lead the North American business—focusing on sustainable, life-changing travel experiences for our customers.”

Jones added:

 “From a financial perspective, I’ve reported on Intrepid Group’s North American growth for over two years. We attribute the growth to our innovative product and focus on sustainable tourism, which aligns with our customers. I’m now honoured to work directly with the North American team to ensure more customers experience the world, with purpose at the core of every travel experience.”