Thursday,  June 4, 2020  10:29 am

Kensington Tours going to mysterious depths with new luxury tour

Kensington Tours going to mysterious depths with new luxury tour

Kensington Tours has announced their limited-edition “Mysteries of the Deep” itinerary.

Aimed at luxury-minded clients looking for a truly memorable experience, the trip features exploratory dives into the Indian Ocean, exclusive hands-on activities aboard a working scientific research vessel, access to one of the most remote and environmentally protected tropical locations, and accommodation aboard a private yacht in Seychelles.

Uncharted territory

Expeditions begin in March 2019 onboard a state-of-the-art submersible diving into previously unexplored waters of the Indian Ocean near the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Aldabra Atoll. Authorized with rare exploration permits for the region, Kensington Tours is exclusively leading this excursion alongside the Nekton Ocean Research Institute and the Government of Seychelles.

“Kensington Tours is a mission partner with Nekton co-funding this important ocean research work,” said Jeff Willner, Kensington Tours founder and Explorers Club member. “The deep ocean is the last great unexplored frontier. We have better maps of the moon than our own oceans, and scientists estimate there are over a million species still to discover. Nekton’s last mission in Bermuda with leading scientists from Oxford University resulted in the discovery of a new ocean zone called the Rariphotic. Every time we dive in Aldabra it will be a first descent for humankind. This is true science and adventure.”

Face to fin

Inside a two-person Triton 1000/2 submersible, voyagers will come face-to-fin with rare sea life during 20-minute guided dives and be among the first humans to visit this underwater world. Capable of achieving depths of up to 1,000 feet (305 meters), the versatile submersible combines cutting-edge oceanic exploration technology with the comfort and security of a passenger craft.

Participants will also have unfettered access to a 101-foot (31-meter) luxurious private yacht that comfortably sleeps ten guests in five rooms; is piloted by an experienced captain; and staffed by a crew of five with meals prepared by an onboard chef. Back on land, accommodations include a hilltop oceanview villa at the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, a luxurious hideaway on the turquoise shores of Petite Anse.

Rare luxury

Kensington Tours is offering week-long trips to Seychelles’ Aldabra from March-April 2019 starting from $350,000 per tour. The limited-edition itinerary is part of Kensington Tours’ new Explorers Club “Famous Firsts” Collection. 

The “Famous First” collection is inspired by The Explorers Club’s history of famous firsts and celebrates pioneering expeditions of discovery and science around the world.

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