Monday,  December 4, 2023  4:06 am

Safety first: TravelBrands' Frank DeMarinis on roadshow cancellation

Safety first: TravelBrands' Frank DeMarinis on roadshow cancellation
TravelBrands CEO Frank DeMarinis. Photo © Nicola Betts/PAX Global Media

Following the news that TravelBrands has cancelled its annual agent appreciation events for the year, CEO Frank DeMarinis and the team have issued a statement illustrating the reasons behind the decision.

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"Our primary goal is always to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our partners, travel agents, employees and clients," TravelBrands said in a statement. "The travel industry is greatly affected by this unforeseen situation, and we are really disappointed we won’t be able to see you at our much-loved annual shows. However, we do not want to unknowingly expose stakeholders, suppliers and partners who attend these events from all over the world." 

TravelBrands says that the choice to cancel the shows this year is a precautionary, yet necessary measure, saying that the health and safety of clients, partners, and colleagues always comes first.

The company also highlighted the importance of the travel community supporting one another during this time, and work together.

"Our industry has faced different adversities and viruses before. We have overcome them in the past and we are confident we will overcome it again," the statement read. "We have a responsibility to showcase all of the wonderful and safe travel options available. We also have a responsibility to do our part to take preventative measures to avoid any possible health or safety concerns."

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, the TravelBrands team will continue to monitor it very closely, and keep all stakeholders updated, offering support to travellers, agents and suppliers. The company wishes to reiterate its excitement towards the latest product and platform innovations, which the company promises will be available later this month.

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