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Trafalgar adds 9 new trips to Asia for 2020/2021

Trafalgar adds 9 new trips to Asia for 2020/2021

Trafalgar's 2020/2021 Asia itineraries are out now, featuring nine exciting new trips, building on the customer demand for more itineraries that uncover authentic Asia. 

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With the brand now offering a total of 32 trips across nine countries, each itinerary offers exclusive experiences to meet, dine and celebrate with the friendly locals that bring each destination to life while ticking off all their Asia must-sees along the way.

JoinTrafalgar experiences

Trafalgar stays true to its commitment to using travel as a force for good by including at least one JoinTrafalgar experience on each and every Asia itinerary. 

These experiences enable clients to make a meaningful difference in the places they visit, such as enjoying a performance by a group of blind youth musicians that support the work of the Ho Chi Minh Blind Centre to provide training and opportunities for the visually impaired and a moving visit to the Tibetan Refugee Center in Darjeeling. 

As part of the company’s core mission to incorporate sustainable practices into all facets of its business model, the brand is making travel matter on its trips and across its supply chain, including the goal to become plastic free by 2022 under the guidance of its parent company, The Travel Corporation.

What's new

The following new trips are available for 2020/2021:

  • Saigon and Bangkok Explorer: an exciting new trip in Trafalgar’s ‘City Explorer’ series. Available as a nine-day stand-alone trip or with the three-day Phuket extension, this trip allows clients to gain an intimate understanding of each city, exploring it at a more leisurely pace, cutting down on inter-destination travel.
  • Colourful India – Celebrate Holi: Trafalgar clients will experience local life with a family during the internationally adored Holi festival. The opportunity to experience Diwali, the ‘Festival of Light,’ is also back for another year, experienced in conjunction with Trafalgar’s Colourful India trip. Clients will don traditional attire and join a local family in their elaborately decorated home to take part in the puja, a sacred ritual and offering to Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and celebrate India’s happiest festival for an intimate look at this cultural experience celebrated the world over.

“We are so excited to be unlocking more of Asia in  2020/2021, with our nine new trips being a reflection of how much our clients love exploring Asia with Trafalgar,” said Janice Farnum, the brand’s director of product for Asia and Africa. “With four nights in each destination, one of my personal favourites, which I know clients will love, is our new Saigon and Bangkok Explorer. They can settle into the rhythms of these iconic cities and really feel like a local – which is what we’re all about.”

The brand is also extending its industry-changing ‘Be My Guest’ series, featuring a brand new Japanese Kaiseki and Tea Experience, where clients take part in a Yamato tea drinking ceremony with a local family, before visiting their beautiful mountainside tea plantation.

Along with these exciting new inclusions, clients can look forward to a series of highlights, including ‘Stays With Stories,’ such as a night in a boutique hotel in Rajasthan that was once the hunting lodge of the royal family of Jodhpur; the ability to ‘Dive Into Culture’ with all five senses; and the exclusive ‘Be My Guest’ experiences that allow clients to ‘Connect With Locals’ as they enjoy a traditional lunch in a stilt house with a family in a hilltribe village in northern Thailand or savour a homemade Chinese meal with a family in their hutong in Beijing, to name just a small few of the hundreds of experiences on offer for Trafalgar’s clients in Asia.

While clients are at the center of every innovative trip Trafalgar creates, the brand maintains an unwavering commitment to its #AgentsFirst philosophy, resulting in an exciting set of 2020/2021 holidays that are sure to be well received by agents and clients alike.

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