Sunday,  August 7, 2022  2:46 pm

Bear-ing the burden: BC tour op faces $35K bear-baiting fine

Bear-ing the burden: BC tour op faces $35K bear-baiting fine

A BC tour operator is facing a $35,000 fine for baiting bears, the largest penalty of its kind to be issued in the province.

The CBC reported that Blue River Safari pleaded guilty to the charge this week, which stemmed from a 2017 investigation by the B.C. Conservation Service. During the investigation, officers allegedly caught the company on surveillance cameras as they placed bait in order to attract bears for guests to observe.

A conservation officer quoted in the report alleged that the company used everything from cranberries, and peanut butter to meatballs to draw the animals into areas where the tours take place, which are operated aboard a catamaran, jet boats and jeeps.

The report said that the size of the fine was determined based on the amount of money made by Blue River Safari through its tours during the time it was baiting bears.

The court also ordered the company to create an anti-bear baiting policy and be subject to inspections by conservation officers, the report said.

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