Thursday,  October 6, 2022  2:22 am

YVR Rolls Out New High Performance Baggage Carts

YVR Rolls Out New High Performance Baggage Carts

The Vancouver International Airport has ‘rolled out’ a fleet of new baggage carts, along with a chuckle-inducing promotional you-tube video.

The new and improved 2014 YVR Baggage Carts arrived last week at Vancouver International Airport with a fleet of 3,000 carts.

The upgrades to design and functionality include  an ergonomic design resulting in carts that are nine kg lighter; the wheels are made of a dual composite rubber for better grip and durability; the new carts have improved safety features with a new handbrake and precision bearings make for better maneuverability.

The high-performance carts are free to use terminal-wide.

Click here to view the you-tube video.