Friday,  March 24, 2023  2:28 pm

Costa Rica to focus on MICE, sustainable travel

Costa Rica to focus on MICE, sustainable travel

Sustainable travel and the MICE sector will play key roles in attracting travellers to Costa Rica in the coming years, according to the country’s new minister of tourism.

Tourism Minister Maria Amalia Revelo recently detailed her strategy to increase tourism to the Central American nation over the next four years. With more than 40 years of experience in the airline, tourism and hospitality industry, Revelo has an ambitious agenda to continue placing Costa Rica at the forefront as the most visited destination in Central America.

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Among her priorities for the next four years are the promotion of small and medium-sized companies while strengthening the joint work between the public and private sector. A large emphasis will also be placed on the development of new local destinations and products with a special focus on culture and gastronomy.

“We are a destination that is constantly evolving, able to offer unique experiences to visitors 365 days of the year. A small but large country not only in its natural richness, but also because of our warm and hospitable people, who will certainly manage to sow in your hearts the desire to return,” said Revelo.

MICE and sustainability

With the country’s new convention center in full swing, Revelo is determined to position Costa Rica as an attractive destination for the MICE industry. Efforts of attracting new flight routes to the country from North America are also on Revelo’s agenda.

Revelo will also focus efforts on strengthening and encouraging more companies in the sector to obtain sustainable tourism certification. The tourism board has currently issued this certification to 391 tourism companies including hotels, tour operators, car rental companies, as well as marinas and restaurants that showcase their commitment to sustainable operations in their businesses.

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