Sunday,  September 20, 2020  7:12 pm

HTA reassures visitors amidst tests of attack warning signal

HTA reassures visitors amidst tests of attack warning signal

Hawaii Tourism Authority President & CEO George D. Szigeti is reassuring visitors to the islands following the introduction of monthly attack warning signal tests, which began on Dec. 1 in light of heightened international tensions with North Korea.

“It is imperative to remember that the threat of a missile attack against Hawaii by North Korea is a highly unlikely possibility, according to the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency,” Szigeti said.

“Leisure and business travelers planning a trip to Hawaii should not be alarmed by the testing of this new attack warning signal. Its implementation is consistent with the state’s longstanding policy to be prepared and informing the public well in advance of any potential threat to Hawaii’s well-being. Travellers can plan and book their trips to the Hawaiian Islands confident that they will be safe and secure throughout their stay.”

Tests of the attack warning signal will supplement the monthly one-minute test of the Outdoor Warning Siren, which is followed by a Live Audio Broadcast of the Emergency Alert System, conducted on the first workday of each month on all islands to help residents, businesses and visitors prepare for a natural disaster.

The system is tested monthly to ensure it is operational in communities statewide and to remind everyone about being prepared in advance and knowing where to seek information should a natural disaster occur, Szigeti said.