Wednesday,  August 10, 2022  1:18 pm

Mexico mulls legalization in Los Cabos, Cancun

Mexico mulls legalization in Los Cabos, Cancun

Mexico’s tourism minister has floated the idea of legalizing marijuana in two of the country’s top tourism destinations, as possible first steps in a nation-wide effort to reduce the potential for criminal violence.

Reuters reported that Tourism Minister Enrique de la Madrid outlined the plan at a Mexico City press conference last Thursday (Jan. 25), to take steps toward legalization in Quintana Roo and Baja California - home to Cancun and Los Cabos respectively - comparing the proposal to the U.S. model of legalization in areas which support the idea.

The proposal, which de la Madrid has stated reflects his personal views, has received support from Baja California Sur Governor Carlos Mendoza, who was reported as stating that if the proposal were to become law, it should be implemented in areas popular with tourists.

In June, Mexico legalized marijuana for medical and scientific uses.