Wednesday,  August 10, 2022  2:09 pm

Tahiti Tourisme launches #TakeMeToTahiti campaign

Tahiti Tourisme launches #TakeMeToTahiti campaign

Tahiti Tourisme has launched #TakeMeToTahiti, a digital content campaign starring travellers immersed in the iconic beauty and vibrant culture of The Islands of Tahiti. #TakeMeToTahiti is the follow up to the successful content series Two Stories/One Mana, which surprised and delighted three couples by dividing them, then having them participate in uniquely Tahitian activities showcasing the many sides of The Islands of Tahiti, and finally brought them back together to share those experiences with each other.

Last year, after unveiling Two Stories/One Mana, Tahiti Tourisme launched a global audition to cast real couples and families as the stars of the digital video series promoting The Islands of Tahiti to audiences worldwide. The video series takes this group of people on a journey in The Islands of Tahiti capturing their immersion in its alluring beauty, unique French Polynesian culture, world-class luxury and verdant wild terrain.

The campaign premieres today with the next three video chapters featuring couples from the United States and Brazil as well as a family from the South Africa and now residing in the United Kingdom.

“#TakeMeToTahiti delves deeper into the French Polynesian lifestyle and for these travellers, this was a trip of a lifetime. They were able to experience a new sense of adventure and ultimately be Embraced by Mana, which Tahitians believe is the sacred spiritual force that surrounds and connects all living things. We hope this video series will inspire more travellers to come explore The Islands of Tahiti,” said Tahiti Tourisme CEO Paul Sloan.

To play, the chosen couples use a wooden spinner. The spinner showcases 14 words representing seven of the many dualities of the destination, with a double sided hand pointing to the contrasting type of activity that the travellers embarked on that day.

Mana can be experienced in moments of personal discovery, and these categories, which include embrace/release, lost/found, stop/go, inhale/exhale, touch/feel, over/under, and warm/cool, are just a few ways to explore it. Each day the spinner’s outcome brought the travellers to various islands such as Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, Taha’a and the Marquesas Islands, immersing them in activities like yachting and snorkelling (over vs. under), world class spa treatments and exploring vanilla plantations (touch vs. feel), taking in the scenery and surfing the legendary Tahitian waves (stop vs. go) and learning about Tiki before hiking up waterfalls (embrace vs. release).

The campaign features a digital version of the spinner. Users are encouraged to spin the wheel to see which of the seven dualities of the destination the spinner lands on. Upon landing, they are directed to the videos and itineraries that were followed on by the participants, allowing viewers to discover the type of activities that can be found in The Islands of Tahiti, as well as curated vacation packages to plan a trip.

Tahiti Tourisme Canada has launched an exclusive #TakeMeToTahitiCanada social media campaign in partnership with Darlene Anderson, a digital influencer known as @thenewgirldar, that inspires and guides those who travel the world via Instagram and Facebook. Through social media, specifically Instagram, Darlene Anderson will share the contest launch and select a winner. To be eligible, Darlene’s followers will describe the destination in one word and use the hashtag #TakeMeToTahitiCanada, as well as follow Tahiti Tourisme Canada on Instagram and Facebook.

Once the follower is selected to win a once-in-a-lifetime grand prize trip to The Islands of Tahiti, Darlene will visit the destination with the winner. Similar to the travellers seen in the #TakeMeToTahiti videos, the winner will be able to enjoy some of the same islands, activities and accommodations, as well as new ones for a custom experience, while being exposed to the various dualities found in the destination.

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