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Taiwan invites visitors to come cycling

Taiwan invites visitors to come cycling
Linda Lin, director Taiwan Tourism Bureau.
Ming Tappin

Ming Tappin is a cruise industry expert and is the owner of Your Cruise Coach.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau hosted an innovative reception at Cyklus spin studio in Vancouver last week. Agents participated in 15-minute cycling classes led by a Cyklus instructor, while enjoying a virtual ride through the landscapes of Taiwan on big screens. 

When asked why the venue was chosen, Linda Lin, director of Taiwan Tourism told PAX

“We wanted to do something different from a standard presentation, and this is a great way to showcase Taiwan as a cycling destination. Taiwan is the heart of Asia. We have the perfect geographical location, a diversity of cuisine, and unique Taiwanese lifestyle, including cycling. Our theme for 2019 will be Small Town Tourism Year, and cycling is a great way for visitors to discover the many cities and towns that Taiwan has to offer.”

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Why travellers should consider Taiwan

At approximately 36,000 square kilometres (roughly the size of Vancouver Island), getting around is easy by mass transit including the metro and high speed rail, and of course by cycling.

There's no visa is required for Canadians for visits of up to 30 days, and English is widely spoken, with plenty of bilingual signage.

Dining in Taiwan will guarantee guests have a diverse culinary experience from street food, night markets to Michelin-starred restaurants present all throughout the city.

Taiwan is home to a variety of attractions include temples, museums, festivals and shopping. Nine national parks include Yangmingshan, Yushan, and Taroko, offering hiking and mountain climbing. According to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, the best time to visit is late spring, early summer and autumn.

The perfect cycling holiday

YouBike bicycle rentals are available throughout eight Taiwanese cities and counties. Cycle Route No. 1, constructed in 1981, is a 968-kilometre route circumnavigating Taiwan.

Highlights along the route include dramatic Qingshui Cliff, the steep Taroko Gorge, and the winding paths of Sun Moon Lake – named one of the top 10 world’s best bike routes by CNN travel.

Self-guided bike paths and cycling tours around Taiwan island are available for all fitness levels, and the Taiwan Cycling Festival takes place annually, with special events and races throughout the year.

Convenient airlift

There are more than 20 direct flights per week from Vancouver on China Airlines, EVA Airways and Air Canada.

Additional flights are available from Toronto, New York, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Honolulu.

Abundant connecting flights to the rest of Asia also makes Taiwan the perfect stopover holiday destination.

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