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Tourism New Zealand's latest ad campaign aims to attract Canadians

Tourism New Zealand's latest ad campaign aims to attract Canadians
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Tourism New Zealand has launched a new marketing campaign in Canada and the U.S. designed to keep New Zealand top of mind for when people are able to travel again.

Despite borders remaining closed to international visitors for now, the team behind New Zealand’s tourism efforts felt it was an appropriate time to share a message of reflection, hope and aroha [love] as they begin to recover and look forward to welcoming visitors again in the future when safe to do so.

Values such as kaitiakitanga [protecting and caring for people and place], manaaki manuhiri [welcoming and looking after all visitors] and whanaungatanga [treating others like family] are implicit in the storytelling.

“A forced pause can be cause for reflection on what’s most important to all of us,” said Tourism New Zealand's director of marketing, Brodie Reid.

“With barely a place on earth untouched by the global pandemic, its far-reaching negative impact is devastating and undeniable. Yet in times of crisis, there lies opportunity. A time to pause, reflect and repurpose both ourselves and the world we live in. As old ways break down under pressure, new ways can break through or we can simply be reminded of what has always mattered. For us, these values are not a new belief system or a new way of living, but it feels like they are more important than ever right now.”

New Zealand takes great pride in the welcome they share with international visitors.

“We are proud of the beautiful island nation we are privileged to call home, but I think I speak for many kiwis when I say we are equally proud of how we open up our people and place to others and our care for them, the manaaki we show. We know many people around the world also feel a special connection to our home, so we want to reassure them that we are taking care of it and when it is safe to do so, we look forward to sharing our place again," Reid concluded.

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