Tuesday,  June 2, 2020  4:29 am

Visit Sedona gets a new look

Visit Sedona gets a new look

The Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau (SCC&TB) has launched its newly designed website at Visit Sedona.

The new site provides a fresh look with easy navigation designed specifically for mobile users who account for nearly half of the 1.4 million visitors to the site, the tourism bureau said.

Visitors to the new website will notice several key features including:

  • An aerial tour of Sedona on the homepage
  • New images and seasonal HD video footage
  • A fresh partner preview equipped with social media integration, Google maps, and links to email, phone numbers, websites, and a "Book Now" feature
  • An updated media section that will contain recent accolades, an image gallery, unique story ideas and the latest press releases
  • User-generated content throughout the site showcasing real time video and images from Sedona fans

Along with these improvements, a new calendar of events has been added, as well as a fresh blog layout with larger and more prominent images. The Annual Events page has been restructured to make it easier for visitors and locals to stay up-to-date on all the festivals happening in Sedona year-round.

Another significant change on the new site are the partner listings, where users can find any related events they are hosting and blog posts about that specific partner.